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Gabby Pidgeon Photography

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our photographer in action

Learn More About ME

Hi everyone! I have a great deal of love for photography and have since I was little. When I got my first point and shoot camera I would take it everywhere with me. Now I'm here...

I love capturing memories one special moment at a time. Delivering these special moments as a photographer to my clients brings me great joy as you are able to relive your story.


A Fun Facts about me is I grew up in a VERY small town, I have two beautiful pups, I enjoy spending time outside, and I have always enjoyed creating art. 

Our Story

I truly believe that my passion for photography started at a very young age. Every field trip, every vacation I would bring a disposable camera and then one Christmas morning I got my very own point and shoot digital camera. I brought it with me everywhere. Now years later here I am doing what I love.

Capturing memories for everyone I can.

I grew up in a small town which I believe is an advantage in my photography journey. It allowed me to truly appreciate small moments as well as the world around me. I love being able to capture moments in nature because it truly is the most beautiful thing.

I have since moved out of my home town and met some amazing people along the way. Allowing me to grow not only as a person but also allowing me to grow my business. I get to capture many different moments for all different types of people. Capturing moments from weddings to sports to families growing. 

I would love to capture your memories and be a part of your story.

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